Exclusive Summary about Credit Cards For Bad Credit by Morgan Hamilton
Depending on your credit score and the number of bad marks on the report, it is possible to secure credit cards for bad credit ratings. While some of the larger credit card companies shy away from customers with less than perfect credit histories, there are many willing to give that segment of society a chance. It is not cheap to score credit cards for bad credit and many of the cards come complete with a hefty balance already attached to them when they arrive in the mail.

While most financial advisers point out all that is wrong with an industry offering credit cards for bad credit borrowers, there is a niche customer base of persons who have had setbacks in their life that see a definite advantage, despite the extra costs of credit. As most people realize it is difficult to conduct business online without a credit card and the majority of companies require the use of a credit card to rent a car, secure a motel room and provide identification for self-check-in at most airports.credit card for bad credit
People who have lost their credit rating often view the needs for a credit card as discriminatory, but realizing they have little choice will apply for credit cards for bad credit risks, viewing the additional charges and higher credit card interest rate as the price they have to pay for re-establishing their financial life. They know they will be looking at such things as:

  • Interest Rates between 18% and 30%
  • Late fees between $29 and $39
  • Cash Advance Interest Rates up to 24%
  • Processing fees up to $150 Annual
  • Fees up to $100 Initial
  • Credit limits ranging from $100 to $10,000

Despite the extra expense, those who really want to rebuild their credit will spend up to two years using credit cards for bad credit users before being able to convince another credit card issuer that they deserve a chance at having a card at traditionally lower costs.
Depending on the companies that issue credit cards for bad credit subscribers, they can also charge a fee of up to $20 for a replacement card if one becomes lost or stolen, and to pay the bill by phone can ring up another $5 to $15. Some companies even charge for using their online credit card payment service.

Although some consider using their branded debit card, which is tied to their bank’s checking account as a convenience for shopping in stores as well as online, many car rental companies and travel agents will not accept them when making reservations. They will accept debit cards for full payment, but a credit card is required for making the reservation. Despite all the additional charges, it is still cheaper than struggling with all cash purchases and other costs associated with attempting to clear legally a credit report.

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