Best Gas Credit Cards, Earn A Fuel Credit Card Rebate

Earn up to a 5% rebate on the best gas credit cards. Yes you read that right, a whole five percent! This day in age where gas prices are soaring, who wouldn’t want to get the most money back they possibly can on their fuel purchases? Doing a little bit of investigating on the internet will show you that there are many gasoline credit card options, but not all of them offer the same amount of rebates. Some offer percentages back and some offer a specific number of cents back per gallon purchased, while some don’t offer any reward at all.

For example, the Valero credit card gives you back a whopping $0.30 rebate per gallon while the BP credit card offers a 5% rebate. Would you consider one of these the best gas reward credit card? Do you even have one of these gas stations in your area?
The Valero card would not be an option for me because the closest Valero station is halfway across the state I live in. I have at least one BP gas station within a few miles of my home, but I don’t consider their card the best gas credit card because I’m a loyal fan of QuickTrip gasoline and have been for 15 years.
So what about the QuickTrip credit card? Even though I’m a loyal fan of their gasoline, to be frank, their credit card does not even compare to the other two gas station cards. They only offer you a stingy rebate for the first 5 months you have their credit card and after that they don’t give you anything at all! So much for customer loyalty.Fuel Credit Card Pointers   When searching for the best gas rebate credit card it’s a good idea to consider a credit card that allows you to purchase gasoline at more than one station. For example, the Chevron credit card allows a customer to fill up at not only Chevron, but also Texaco. It’s great to have that extra option, especially if you travel often, and who doesn’t love road trips!  Always determine how your rebates are redeemed prior to getting a credit card for gas. Each card has its own special way of redemption. Some cards give you the cash back, like a cash rewards credit card, while some give you a credit on your monthly bill. Some even give you points that you can redeem for merchandise.


My opinion is to stay away from those credit cards, what a waste, we all know cash is king.  Although most gas reward credit cards don’t charge an annual fee, always check the fine print of the credit card application to be sure. There’s not much point of paying an annual fee when you are trying to save money.  Make sure the fuel credit card you are interested in does not have a limit to the amount of rewards you can earn each year. This can be frustrating if you spend $5000 on gas only to get $200 in rewards when you should have been entitled to $250.00.  If the gas station credit card you are interested in has higher prices at the pump than most other stations, is it really worth it in the long run to get the rewards from that companies credit card program?

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